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Can I avoid injuries- Spiritual angle

Ask any runner or for that matter any sportsperson about injuries and I am sure everyone have a story to tell. Everyone gives their own justification how he/she gets the injury and usually the answer is more physical such as "I didn't see that pothole and I twisted my ankle", or "I think I ran 30 min more than my usual schedule", "I should have taken that uphill little easy", "That last push up blow away my shoulder" etc. etc.

Today through this article I want to give different perspective to all the injuries we attract. Yes you read it right, you attract injuries because it's your manifestation. Why did I manifested something which harms me.

I came across many runners and as usual every runner comes with his/her mental baggage which reflects in runners form and stride and the way he/she runs. Out of different set of runners , there is a set of runners which I came across whom I want to call peaceful runners. When I tries to look more inside these tribe of peaceful runners a secret revelation comes to me. These peaceful runners have a harmonious and peaceful relation with life. When they run it's deep meditation for them and their humbleness makes you grounded. And it's my observation that they never get injured and even if they, they recover fast.

So is there any relationship between what's going on in your mind and the injuries you get? Not much research has happen on this topic and it's difficult to put this with lack of scientific ground. However I came across some of the coaches who have strong conviction about mind-body relation. in this article I want to refer to Louise Hay author of You can heal your Life. She gives many example, repeating here few, such as:

Sciatica Pain which originates in lower back and propagates in legs makes one difficult to walk forget about running. She says the mind state is "Hypocritical. Fear of money and of the future"

Left side of the body (you bet that's hurts always for some). Left side represents receptivity, feminine energy, taking in , women. Every individual is whole with a balance of yin-yang or feminine and masculine energy. A imbalance in feminine hurts Left and and a imbalance in masculine energy, giving out, letting go, hurts Right side.

Does your knee hurts. Louise Hay says it represents Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Fear. Inflexibility. Won't give in. Similarly people having High Anxiety have high chances of having Lower legs problem according to L Hay.

Joints represents changes in direction of life and the ease of these movements. Runners who find themselves difficult to flow with the change have high chances that they will hurt their joints.

Cramps, I am sure you heard about it. It represents Tension, fear , gripping, holding on. Very common indeed. So no matter how much you train your calves muscles for that marathon distance, but if you didn't train your mind for that fear in your life, bang.. it will take you on your race course.

We can discuss many such Psychosomatic relationships. But real question is how can I avoid them, well I am sure you are getting it, it's about changing yourself at core. The first step is coming to awareness. So after reading this, don't curse yourself for the injuries, but become curious and ask "what's it is in me that reflected in this injury" . Try to understand that your body is your messenger and trying to deliver a message about your mental state, you can ignore the messenger, but the fact of the life is more you ignore this messenger more aggressive it became, that means the chances that the injury may come in more stronger form next time.

The whole point I want to make is when it comes to overall fitness don't ignore your mind, your belief system, your subconscious mind. That program inside mind also needs upgrade.

Happy running

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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