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Doing Hill Repeats- Tips

If you planning to conquer hills then hill repeats practice is the best tool you have in your arsenal. Hill repeat refers to running a hill up for 100-200m based on gradient and then run down to the start point. Starting from bottom, running up and then running back to starting point is one repeat. I recommend that one should not do more than 45min of this workout.

1. Take a good nap before hill repeats. If for any reason you are not lucky, then take it easy during hill repeats.

2. Clothing: wear full pants and avoid shorts specially in rainy season as it is mountain with trees and chances of mosquitoes or other biting insects are high.

3. Identify your level with the help of coach. If you have high BP, high Homocysteine, or any other clinical condition let the coach know about it.

4. Start deep breathing right from the beginning of the Hill repeats. Use preferably Nose only. Use two steps in and one step out strategy to breath while running uphill.

5. Don't try to cross your max HR limit. Pace yourself to give challenging finish, not an exhausting finish.

6. Those who have HR monitor for Resilience of your HR. By the time you go down you should be in zone 2. If you are taking more time to recover consult your coach.

7. Carry Energy drink or simple Nimbu pani with salt. Consume water when your HR is down that is when you are at the start point of hill.

8. Looking ahead and not down will help you retain a more upright posture and seamless oxygen flow.

9. The most common error is leaning forward, which is counterproductive to maintaining speed

10. Let your stride shorten and your knees lift naturally. Depending on your level go for half feet, full feet and further while running hills.

11. You will tend to use your arms more as you lift your knees, but try to keep your shoulders and arms relaxed. *Move yours arm in such a way as if you are pulling a rope*

12. Once you reach are exhausted, however don't STOP and continue down and as you continue down focus and continue on your deep breathing.

13. Jogging down between repeats. Use your mid-foot. In rainy season go down cautiously as it may be slippery.

14. Identify your pace...if you go too slow it won't add to your benefit.

15. Count your repeats. Target 15-20 repeats in 45 min duration. This count may varies based on your hill distance.

16. Best run with Partner of same strength. Take help of best runners and ask them to pace you for 2-3 hill repeats. This will be game changer for you.

17. Encourage and motivate each other during the last phase of the hill. Hill repeats are usually high intensity and exhaustive, so during last moments encourage each other.

18. Start first 1/3rd repeat with easy pace and then 1/3 with challenging pace. Some runners start the repeats with max pace in the start and they get exhausted in second half.

19. Last but not least, show your strength during video repeat. Take group video during the session it's motivating.

20. One must do hill repeats at least once in two weeks. If you are preparing for higher performance than you should do it every week. Phytologically you are strong when you do hill repeats.

Hope this article had given you insight about the hill repeats.

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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