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Tapering before event.. What is it?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

7-10 days before the event runners start tapering which means lowering the mileage.

Whatever distance you are targeting 42, 21or 10km.. When you start putting more mileage you tend to go in fatigue as your objective is both physiological and psychological gain to perform.

With each fatigue session your

muscles tend to loose both water and glucose. With tapering runners increase their calories intake and avoid fatigue, that means avoid HR zone 4-5 activities which we also call as anaerobic activities.

As a result of tapering your muscles have maximum store of glucose and water.

If you are following MAF running you need less tapering. Last two days Friday and Saturday just do stretching and 30-45min of light walk.

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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