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What to do once you cross 42.2km Finish Line?

1. Keep walking ..Don't sit on ground. Walk and keep taking deep breaths. Deep breath relaxes you.

2. Post marathon Hydration and Nutrition. You are still under stress and don't have digestion energy. First drink sufficient water slowly sip by sip or the energy drink whatever available at site.

3. Don't rush for eating immediately. If you can get hold of ice bag use that first to reduce the inflammation of your body muscles. Lightly rub the ice bag or ice cubes to whole leg starting from feet ( of course remove your shoes). If you have your bag in baggage counter then make sure that you wear slippers and put your shoes back in your baggage.

4. If you are in position to stretch yourself then do some quick push ups, Hamstring stretch, quad pull ups and Calf stretch against wall. While you are doing this keep moving. Don't do static stretch for long duration, a 10 counts max is good enough.

5. Psychologically speaking, talk to your co -runners about your experience and keep talking and enjoying the experience. This will relax you more. As a co-runner if a co-runner is in pain initiate a healthy/positive discussion to calm him/her

6. More important hug your teammates and motivate them as they finish line. Hugging releases Oxytocin, this is rejuvenate hormone.

7. Don't try to massage your legs or body. Keep that for after 2-3 days or preferably after a week. Your muscles are inflamed and teared so doing massage of any kind will harm them more.

8. Don't use any Foam Roller ...keep that for evening.

9. If you are not in position to stretch yourself then ask Physio on ground or the a team mate to help you with the stretch. As a runner show sportsmanship and if you can extend help in stretching then do it.

10. Food: Once you are out of stress. Get your event Food Pack and electrolytes. After running a marathon distance you are deficit in Calories and Electrolytes. Eat it peacefully. It's not important what is there is Food Pack, getting calories immediately is important. Sugary/Sweet stuff is better.

11. If you have access and had planned for protein shake then take it as this is best nutrition for your recovery. Take a mix of whey and plat protein

12. Take warm water or cold water shower which ever is your preference. I recommend cold water for better recovery.

13. After 3-4 hrs. of run, you may want to take a meal. Avoid spicy and oily food as your body is still inflamed. Avoid alcohol or limit it to small quantity. Hot Dal kichadi ( Lentils and Rice) is my best bet.

14. Avoid crowded place: Your immunity is low and you are very susceptible to catching infection. So avoid going to marketplace, malls etc. after run.

15. Sleep: If you are in hotel or travelling subsequently, then arrange for afternoon nap. If you are finding it difficult to get nap then use delta frequency meditation to relax yourself. If you are leaving by Train arrange for sleeping berth. You will find many meditations with Delta and Alpha frequency on You tube.

16. Next Day: Go for a walk or best is to do a non impact swimming or easy cycling. Use Foam roller to relax your muscles.

17. In two days: Go for a recovery run at Sub MAF pace. Avoid any speed running or high impact exercises such as plyometrics for two weeks or till you feel whole body yes for it.

18. Food: Stay on high protein diet. Eat high nutrition food for next one-two weeks as you body is still recovering . Avoid oily or inflammatory stuff. Avoid high stress environment. Eat food high in Omega 3, as DHA and EPA are best anti inflammatory nutrients.

19. Massage: After one week, if you are taking balance nutrition regularly, then schedule therapist appointment for deep tissue massage.

20. Listen to your body: If your pains are still there then don't hesitate to consult doctor. If any time

21. After 2-3 weeks of recovery come back to your normal schedule with more easy runs and light exercise

22. Throughout keep your water consumption little high. Watch your pee color. Initially it may be dark yellow, don't worry as you hydrate and after 2-3 toilets visit, it will come to normal color.

I wish you all happy and safe running

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452.

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