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Are you listening to your body...

We all love running and the basic moto is to achieve LONG TERM fitness and health. At the same time we have to accept the fact that running creates stress and oxidative load when in activity, though we enjoy it's benefits later. Here are my simple advise to all of you.

Listen to your body, no one in this world understand your body better than you. While running adds to the benefit as a day to day activity, it may proof fatal if you ignore your body messages. In events, event organizers may have ambulance and doctor team, but it's helpful, if you are lucky.

My Advise is not to do long distance(HM and FM) running without a Coach. Talk to your Coach about your current health and keep him informed. Are you listening to your body under following situations.

1. For a long time you are sleep deprived - In such situation you can do running but limit yourself to HR Zone 1-2 or we also called as Sub MAF pace. Remember running too creates oxidative stress in body and as you move into higher zone the amount of oxidative stress in higher and it's adds to oxidative stress you have because of deprived sleep.

2. You have upset gut or gastro issue. Your gastro issue will elevate as you run longer or faster. Still you feel you want to move out, then do short run in Zone 1-2 and avoid long runs. Never try to attempt more than 10km distance/one hour with upset gut. At any moment if issue aggravates STOP. This issue is may stand life threating for runners who experience difficult to clear bowel in morning. Check with your Nutrition Coach.

3. Pain in Left arm, back pain (middle back), Nausea, heavy heart, heart beating faster, dizziness etc. indicates your cardiovascular system in under stress. Stop the activity, sit down and ASK FOR HELP

4. You are experiencing fatigue. There are many reason from emotional stress, less sleep to poor hydration/food. Go slow and preferably have a partner and talk while running. If it continues STOP the activity.

5. Blood donation. After blood donation never run for at least 2-4 days. You may experience high HR and Cardio Stress. After returning to running if you experience high HR STOP the activity.

6. Numbness/tingling sensation of fingers/hand and toes. There are many reason for the same and if it's happening after Zone 4-5 activity then STOP the activity. Refer to your health professional and check you Vitamin levels. You are clearly in Danger

7. Pain in limbs and body. Ask your health professional what it means. Pain means your body is saying STOP. If you still continue then injury may aggravates and you may have to take longer rest break. Early you listen, better and faster the recovery.

8. Coming out of Sickness: Here you have to completely avoid any Stress activities such as ST, Interval and focus on Zone 1-2 level running. As you feel better you can gain momentum.

I wish you all happy and safe running

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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