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Are you running for Pleasure or out of fear?

When I was listening to Mr. Mahindra Gokhale fitness coach of Mumbai IPL team as part of my Integrative Dietics course at Pune University, I noticed he was praising Pune running culture and at the same time he mentioned that 95% of the runners are above 40 years and most of these age category are running out of fear that if they don't exercise/run they will get bugged by LD (Lifestyle Disease) or they are already bugged.

When I was looking at me when I started running, I have no reason to disagree with him, the reason I started running is out of fear. The fear that my CVD (cardio vascular disease) will go out of control,

if I don't run/workout. Over the years this fear gets converted into pleasure and today when my all Bio markers are balanced the force which drives me to Start line is pleasure. It's the transformation of the belief which takes many kilometers of running and as I observe every step of my run helped me transform this belief.

Today it's Pleasure of that endorphin, pleasure of achievement, pleasure of company, pleasure of contribution etc...which drives my run...

What is driving your running, fear or pleasure?

To wake up at 5.00 am and to stand on that start line in auto mode needs a positive emotions as drive. However it's fear that drives most of the beginners. But fear is equally a strong force.

Fear of inefficiencies in life such as inabilities in doing daily functions from tying shoe laces to sexual performance drives new runners towards start line. Those who are casual in running for them fear of performance, such as when you register for an event is an another reason why Runners stand on start line. And this fear is high when you are targeting a distance challenge which you have never attempted before. Some come with the fear of loosing association that if I don't show up I will be kicked out of club/group.

There is a class of Runners who are Kinesthetic in nature and they love Physical activities. Usually you see such people in sports in early age. They feel depressed if they don't do that act everyday. Again those are 5-10% of the population. They are into Running for sheer pleasure which they drive because of their Natural composition.

Whatever is your drive fear or pleasure at the end of the Run the pleasure is good enough to drive day.

Lets create Runners Club a platform of Running to convert that force of fear inside into the force of pleasure..….HAPPY RUNNING

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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