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Mind Fatigue...Is it stopping you from running

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

As Runner or as a tri sport athlete body fatigueness is a know issue and athletes know what to do to overcome it.

Does the muscles fatigueness is because of mind fatigueness?


Every muscle contraction and relaxation is trigger by brain, so our brain works as hard as muscles of our body in any event. So we face the mind fatigueness same as muscles fatigueness

So what happen when you are running at MAF pace?

When you are doing your run at higher intensity that is at zone 5 (technically speaking above lactating threshold LT) your muscles fatigue faster than brain. However when you are running at low intensity your brain gets fatigue first in a long distance run (long distance is relative for each runner). You will find that when you end the race you are perfectly fine because at the end your brain is relax and because of low intensity your muscles too are also not tired. When you do activity in high intensity your muscles are cry for help, unless you are trained for such intensity.

So when your strategy includes low intensity workout such as MAF with 80/20, then you need to train your brain for fatigue resistance along with your muscles. The prolong low intensity training helps you to condition your mind.

So mind training is equally important in any endurance sports as preparing your body.

Some tools to help reduce the brain fatigueness

1. Engage in a positive talk with your co-runners

2. Visualize your STRONG finish again and again

3. Mind your self talk. Your affirmations helps you to guide your mind. For me the Gratitude prayer while running helps me a lot. Pay Gratitude to all and all who had helped you in shaping your life positively or negatively

4. Meditation - can you meditate as you run? Blocking noise while running is an art and more you practice it more help you get from your brain.

5. Hear your music. Though plugging something in your ears is dangerous on roads, try listening only from one ear and listen to your motivational speech in low volume.

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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