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Running in Summer...

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

While as a Runner, we are mostly an early morning bird. We get up early and before the world hustle starts we are back in our homes. Even in summers a bearable morning makes run a enjoyable activity.

But Runners practicing long distance runs, probably preparing for half marathon or full marathon are not very lucky and they have to face rising sun and the summer warmth.

What should such runner do?

A proper hydration strategy is required for each runner because each runner is different. Carry Hydration belt and water preferably with lemon and salt. Hydration belt comes with different bottle sizes, choose one which suits you. I personally go for 500ml bottle. If you are looking for balance of Hydration belt then go for two 250ml bottle. There are many solutions available in market that suits your needs.

Beside carrying hydration bottle pre run hydration keeps you hydrated for long time. How much to drink depends on your body. I prefer to drink 250ml before the run starts, this quantity doesn't make me bulky. Another pre run strategy is your hydration one day before long distance run. It's recommended that you drink sufficient water and drinks having sufficient electrolytes such as Coconut water.

One of the important factor is your focus or I would call your meditative state while running. Many runners get disturb with external environment such as high humidity, temperature, traffic etc. This is very important that every long distance runner should learn how to stay with breath and connected with your body. One way to learn this is cultivating daily meditation habit. When you doing running meditation the summer heat and that flowing sweat which has soaked your body won't bother you much.

Your running clothing for summer also makes a lot of difference. Avoid cotton clothes and opt for dri-fit (@Nike) type of clothing which are breathable. Evaluate if the sleeveless tees are the best option for you. If Sweat bothers you have a hand band to wipe your sweat regularly some runners are comfortable with micro fiber handkerchief.

What about heat stroke? If you are sensitive to heat then don't try a big run on day one. Go for short walk for 10 min and gradually increase the exposure time to sun to match your finish time require for the run.

Sunscreen Lotion? I am big NO for this, as this is the golden opportunity for one to get natural Vitamin D. Which is Epidemically low in our working class population. Sunscreen lotion stops VIT D absorption.

Post run keep yourself hydrated- How much? The best way is to look at your urine color. First of all if you are not getting urine urge, then it means you need more water. Now, if your urine color is too yellow dark then it means you are severely dehydrated. Drink water sufficient till the urine color is light yellow.

So enjoy running in summer, as this running gives your body very high level of endurance...

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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1 Comment

Scion Sinha
Scion Sinha
May 21, 2022

Very informative and motivating article sir...

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