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Wearing for success....

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

What you wear reflects your personality, is an old saying. Same is true in running. As a Coach to Runners club I have seen the running journey of more than 200 runners and trust me there dressing style changes as they become more and more mature runners.

So what should I wear? Day 1 of your running you have no limitations. But as you start putting more mileage your dressing should change to match the comfort.

Tees should be technical cloth. Dryfit (@Nike) type clothing is best suit for running. These are more breathable clothing to handle sweat. Some runners prefer loose and some prefer body fit sizes, either way is good for long distance. As your speed increases you may prefer sleeveless tees. We avoid cotton tees as when they become wet they create a lot of discomfort.

Your shorts should also be made of Technical clothing. You may want to wear full track, 3/4th or short it's all your choice. Shorts gives more comfort. If you are doing trail running or running on country side, you may want to consider full track, if there are chances of insects bites.

Gents runner must consider wearing tights or tights underpants, as it support groin area and reduces the chance of hernia. Female runners should also consider a handsome investment in sports supporting bra as running becomes difficult and painful without good support.

When it comes to shoes, I think we need a separate discussion on it. My only suggestion try different models and see what suits you for best for your mileage. You have to consider your gait and pronation before you finalize the shoe model. Though I ran very small portion of my runs barefoot, I strongly recommend bare foot running.

Your socks also need to be active wear and breathable. Running needs to be enjoyed in all seasons and your choice of socks for rainy season should be of type dri-fit (breathable). Avoid cotton socks as they are big no for all seasons, especially, if you sweat a lot.

Lastly I want to say about head band. Read my separate blog on this topic. To repeat this is a must in winter season and to keep your head cool and most important to keep infection at bay

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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