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What is your strokes economy?

Probably this may be new term for many of you. Strokes refer to recognition given by you to someone around you. So strokes could be positive or negative, it could be verbal or non verbal. A stroke is a hug, smile, a positive well mean compliment, encouraging statement and most important unconditional. A baby may find difficult to survive if baby don't get sufficient strokes.

So why I mentioned this in running platform. Because 98% of you here for some recognition. In fact, I too look for strokes and my running career is full of strokes from many of my follow runners . Strokes is more that Recognition and it's a two way traffic that is you get strokes and at the same time you also give strokes.

In an running group there are always a mix of runners

...slow to fast..

short to Long distance...

beginners to Advance...

bulky to Lean...

and in our Running journey we start from left and move to right. And this moving you get endless strokes from your follow runners, family members, colleagues, friends. And these strokes helped you to move further on right side.

Do you remember these journey with strokes...i invite you to look back and recollect that strokes moment which is memorable to you.

The whole idea of associating with positive group is about strokes. But did you somewhere forget that as strokes helped me, it will help others too or in others words, I too need to give strokes to as many as possible follow runners to help them grow.

As Coach I encourage people to post their achievements. The challenge I sense for a right side runner to come in terms to give stroke for left side runners. For example if someone is running FM regularly and in group someone posted with great enthusiasm how he/she completed 5km run, then right side runners don't find motivation to give stroke to such event...however if someone complete FM in sub 4 or sub 3.30 or something which he/she is not able to achieve for long then Right side runner find motivation to give stroke. We don't stop giving strokes to baby who just started walking because he is not running. So one should get into the mind of left side runner and feel yourself in that role to give stroke.

Life outside running we receive many negative strokes and here in Runners group you have a chance to fill yours and some ones life with positive strokes. So make some conscious effort to connect with group through Strokes. And the best stroke is HUG.

Before I end this topic, I want to address a set of runners who reject Strokes for example when a co-runner gave a unconditional stroke such as "You were wonderful on the track", one may reject it saying "Yeah, but I didn't get my PB"...sound familiar. Such individuals who are goal oriented, which is also good, have to learn to absorb the Stroke..

So looking forward to grow each of you as runner and in your strokes economy.

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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