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Women safety and Running...

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

In any Running group, female runners are always active part of the group activities. I believe family wellness takes priority when the lady at home takes the lead. With 40% of todays running population are ladies, this topic is something which Running group can't ignore and should be part of their Running Strategy.

When running activity is short distance, running within community roads is an option, however when the running distance is half marathon and beyond then restricting to community roads may be demotivating.

Long distance runners from Runners club

So when we go long distance and specially when its dark our female counterparts safety is any group's foremost responsibility.

What should we do to give a safe running platform to our female runners?

Running in groups. This is the best option as this not only adds to safety, but also makes the distance look easy to run. Groups/Group Running are deterrent to anti social elements with wrong intentions.

I would like to suggest to all ladies not to fear. When one fears about something, then there is a great chance that it will manifest. Also running with fear reduces your efficiency and adds to stress.

When a female runner is alone the running group runners should accompany them till the female runner is comfortable. What if the female runner is fastest among the group? Then the running plan needs to be adjusted to consider this point, either by slow-fast pace combinations or running on tracks or by circling around group (after 200-300 m you Loop back to catch your slow running runners)

Always carry phone. Some runners for the fact that phone may add distraction don't carry phone. Yes, don't use it, but just keep it in your hydration belt or in arm band.

Inform : Many ladies don't inform the incident happened with them. It's important to inform the authorities, Coach and the group administrator, so that the next course of action can be taken.

Ask for help : Even in the situation where you are alone and you have to face unfavorable incident, ask for help.. Yell.. As by culture crowd too helps.

Avoid wearing valuables: This is equally true for male and female runners. As a safety measure avoid wearing valuable stuff. Wearing ornaments creates discomfort during running and chances are that you may loose them because of motions and jerks.

My experience with running with ladies in the group is that they are fearless. ..that's most important factor, so enjoy sports and stay informed

Uday Bhosle

Integrated Wellness Coach

Life | Nutrition | Physical Coach

+91 9819326452

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